Workshops are most beneficial to high school students and relevant to adults.


Creative Composition

Dare to Be What You Were Born to Be: through storytelling, humor, sharing, journaling and Q & A we will plant the seeds for future reflection on how to achieve your full creative potential.

I really enjoyed your talk. It really made me stop & think & contemplate my future & my creativity. Rosemary

Loved every minute of this unusual presentation. Pat


The ‘Hero’s Journey’ in Real Life (Mythology)

Adversity has the effect of eliciting talents, which in prosperous circumstances, would have lain dormant.

The topics very interesting-some issues brought up that I believe helps…should be given to young groups so they know ‘You can do it’. Bobbie

Excellent! Contact Chicago Public Schools for a vender contract to be able to provide workshops for students. Mickey


Women’s Retreat

Girl’s Night Out: You’ll laugh; You’ll cry…

Excellent! Love your enthusiasm. Elaine

Marvelous job; interesting, exciting-she is a survivor. Mary

Religious/Spiritual Groups

God helps those that help themselves. Pray to God, but continue to row to shore. Russian proverb

…filled with so many great life lessons… Judi

It’s funny the impressions we make of other people. Noteworthy. Admirable. I hope I am half as brave as you when I grow up. Kahualani


Corporate world

Success is a journey; life is a journey. Take the scenic route.

I really loved your presentation. I am quite inspired by you. I would love to hear more. Truman

You have great talent, drive, not to mention tremendous potential. Joseph


Motivational Speaking Engagements are available for teenagers & adults.

…your story is an inspiration to the truth that if someone comes with only their bags and an open mind, they will leave full of life, inspired & purposeful. Alysa

Travelogues are appropriate for all ages: children to seniors.

Mission statement: Through Books, Workshops, Travelogues and Motivational Speaking Engagements, the JRMG Innovative Team hopes to encourage the young and young-at-heart to embrace the opportunities and transformative experiences that may be hidden in everyday life.

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