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Grandma Goes to China
Meeting Place of Past, Present, and Future
Grandma Jeanne, now 60, embarks on the first leg of a 5,000-mile journey aboard the Trans-Siberian Railway. In the premiere volume of a multi-part series, she begins her remarkable trip on the Pacific Coast of Asia.
Grandma Goes to Mongolia
A Nation of Nomads
Grandma continues on to the next portion of her Eurasian adventure. She visits the descendants of the Mongolian tribes who inhabited this vast interior plateau; a people whose lifestyle has not changed much in thousands of years.
Grandma Goes to Siberia
A Dominion of Diversity
In the third installment of her lengthy excursion aboard the Trans-Siberian Railway, Grandma encounters the highlands, lowlands, & steppes of Northern Asia which served as home to Russian & Soviet criminals & political exiles in days gone by.
Grandma Goes to Russia
A World unto Itself
Grandma Jeanne completes her 5,000-mile Road Scholar undertaking in the western portion of the largest country on earth, one of only two which straddles the continents of Europe & Asia.
Grandma Goes to Hawai'i
...and Stays for 14 Years

Grandma Goes to...

The “Grandma Goes to…” book series are true stories where Grandma Jeanne travels to distant lands, meets fascinating people and explores other cultures. Written for children, educational for all ages, and an inspirational read for the whole family. Visually stunning with 38 pages of color photographs.

"I am continually amazed at the number of adults that purchase my Grandma Goes to...books, not only for their children or grandchildren, but for themselves! My audiences & readers tell me it is a quick way to learn about another culture, whether in the states or abroad. They claim the 38 color photographs are an added bonus." ~ Grandma Jeanne


 These children’s books meet federally-mandated, Common Core standards 

A companion Teacher Study Guide is also available for each title. ©


FUTURE STORIES: China, Mongolia, Siberia & Russia & Hawai'i

Grandma Goes to Antarctica: A Journey of Discovery
Grandma Goes to the South Pacific: A Voyage of Appreciation
Grandma Goes to the Alaskan Wilderness: An Excursion of Extremes
The Jr. Iditarod: Alaska’s Little-Known Sled Dog Race Coverage of the 2013 Competition
Grandma Goes to New Zealand & Australia
Grandma Goes to Antarctica:
A Journey of Discovery
ISBN # 978-0-9883266-0-6
Library of Congress Control : # 2012921783  ©ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


This is the true story of a 57-year-old grandmother who was stationed in Antarctica for five months as a contract worker for the National Science Foundation (NSF). Grandma goes outside of her comfort zone, learns much about Antarctica and herself, has exciting once-in-a-lifetime adventures, and meets the most amazing people.

Journey to the coldestdriestwindiest and most barren place on earth. Experience life at the bottom of the world from the comfort and safety of your own home. Tag along with Grandma on her extreme excursions. Partner with the scientists and support personnel at McMurdo Station, the largest research station on the continent of Antarctica.

Grandma Goes to the South Pacific: 
A Voyage of Appreciation

ISBN # 978-0-9883266-1-3

Library of Congress Control:  #2012921784   ©ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 


The grandmother who worked in Antarctica reminisces about her time spent in French Polynesia on a remote private island. Population of four.

Travel to the scarcely populated, tropical archipelagoes located in the remote South Pacific Ocean. The next closest, large, inhabited patch of land is Pitcairn, of Mutiny on the Bounty fame. Go island-hopping with Grandma on another one of her true-life extreme adventures. Experience the island lifestyles of French Polynesia, visit a pearl farm, swim with sharks and lie on your exclusive beach at sunset. 

Grandma Goes to the Alaskan Wilderness:

 An Excursion of Extremes

Grandma Goes to the Alaskan Wilderness:
 An Excursion of Extremes

Grandma Goes to the Alaskan Wilderness:

 An Excursion of Extremes

ISBN: 978-0-9883266-2-0
Library of Congress Control:  #2013909181   ©ALL RIGHTS RESERVED    


The grandmother who worked in Antarctica and roughed it on a small, remote island in the South Pacific learns necessary back-to-nature survival skills in America’s final frontier.


Wander into the wilderness of Alaska, learn necessary survival skills, appreciate and preserve the indigenous history and culture, enjoy the company of free spirits who call this state home. 

The Jr. Iditarod: Alaska’s Little-Known Sled Dog Race

Coverage of the 2013 Competition

ISBN: 978-0-9883266-4-4   Library of Congress Control:

# 2013909182   ©ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Almost everyone has heard of The Iditarod, Alaska’s grueling sled dog endurance race, but only a few are aware of the Jr. Iditarod, the first long-distance race for juvenile mushers (age 14-17). The author of the “Grandma Goes to…” book series reveals the story behind the race. Race to the finish line with teenage mushers and their sled dogs. 

Grandma Goes to New Zealand and Australia:
Walkabouts in the Lands Down Under

Grandma Jeanne, after spending 5 months working in Antarctica, meanders back home. From McMurdo Station, she visits the Land of the Kiwis before traveling to the world's smallest continent and largest island. Enjoy the vibrant scenery, visit museums, learn of Maori culture, experience thrills at the Adrenaline Capital of the World & attend a performance at the iconic Sydney Opera House.

Written for children, educational for all ages, an inspirational read for the whole family.

38 full page color photographs!
This book was sponsored by Daniel Deufel.


Antarctica Book Reviews:

A great career day offering! The writing is engaging for readers involving a very interesting geographical area of the world. The environmental aspects were well-documented by experts.  Interesting true story that kids will pick up. The photos keep you interested in the characters activities and adventures. Like the way the book is narrated.

~2013 Benjamin Franklin Awards


The book is fantastic!!...It actually makes a more realistic training manual for new people deploying (to Antarctica)! There are no books out there on *working* at McMurdo as a non-scientist.

~Cheryl Parker/Crary Lab/McMurdo Station, Antarctica


Jeanne’s energy bounds out from every page! I felt like I was sitting right next to her, listening to her excitement, adventures, doubts, and ultimate triumphs on a trip away from her comfort zone. And as if her words were not enough, Jeanne includes photos depicting nearly every aspect of her months at an Antarctic research station. This book is a fantastic vehicle for showing you that you can do anything if you just believe you can make it happen.

~Vicki Beaver/Photographer/New Hampshire


 One 6th grade student changed my book cover to:  You Can Do It!  By Jeanne Roppolo


South Pacific Book Reviews:

This adventurous, young-at-heart Grandma shows kids, parents, and grandparents alike that life is a continually evolving adventure. Often, the only thing stopping us from getting out of our rut is fear, lack of knowledge or inertia. Keep your mind & heart open to possibilities. Jeanne Roppolo’s philosophy is invigorating. Don’t be afraid to try; don’t be afraid to fail.

This adventurous grandma looks at life with the fresh, wide-eyed appreciative outlook of a child & inspires us all. I highly recommend her books (complete with author’s photographs) for elementary school teachers & students, as well as grandparents themselves to read. Not only will you instruct & inspire children, you’ll inspire yourself as an adult. It’s never too early or too late to have a learning adventure!

~Linda Collison/Author/Hawaii 


…you write honestly…I liked very much that you shared your excitement, wonder, fears and appreciation of the whole experience. It evoked the sense that I (or a child) could have a grand adventure, too. And I really liked that you faced your fears…it was a practical lesson in knowing yourself and being comfortable in your own skin…

~Leilani Hino/Scribe/Hawaii


Dear Grandma, I read your book & the picture of Mangareva from the plane is beautiful. I can’t believe you had an outstanding chance to go to the island with a population of 4!

~Heidi/4th grade student/Sycamore, IL


I loved when you talked about the shark and the girl. I loved it! Thank you

~Jordyn/4th grade student/Sycamore, IL


Alaska Wilderness Book Reviews:

Very informative and easy to read. You are inspiring to all of us with your adventures. Keep living life to the fullest!

~Deb & Dave/Colorado


“I just finished reading Jeanne’s latest “Grandma” book. Wow! What an adventure!”

~Donna Citro/911 Dispatcher/Alsip, IL


 “Grandma Jeanne’s exploits are mind-blowing and I’m so proud of what she’s accomplished in such a short period of time. This book is an inspiration to those who don’t know what Alaska is really like.”

~Debbie Imundo/Closing Agent/Streamwood, IL


Jr. Iditarod Book Reviews:

Dear, Mrs. Roppolo your book was amazing. It was so good I would buy 1,005,689,925,899.

~Jenan/2nd grade student


I liked learning about how other people live in different ways.

~Hanae/4th grade student


She makes information fun with her stories and pictures. She writes about different cultures and ways of life so we can understand it.

~The 5th grade class


“Awesome, Jeanne! Good for you and may you write many more adventures.”

~Ma’ata Tukuafu/Freelance Writer/Big Island, HI

Grandma Goes to Australia & New Zealand Reviews:

"You've done it; made it come alive for me. Photos are wonderful & really augment the writing. I admire you so much for what you've done; the trips you've taken, and how you write with such devotion."

~Vic Blakemore/ Law Clerk

"Experience a beautiful country through a happy grandmother's eyes."

~Steve Burns/ Race Car Driver/ Electrical Engineer